DISTRICT ELDER DON DEREK SORRELLS, Th.D. is a dynamic disciple of Christ who preaches a powerful but sensitive message of hope and deliverance from sin through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. A man of God that believes there remains a remnant of God’s people, who are called out, and called upon, for such a time as this. An evangelist who preaches the infallible gospel of Christ that has expanded over 16 years of ministry.

Happily married for over 26 years to his devoted wife, Regina who is his inspiration. Blessed with three outstanding children, Santwon, Sonya, and Sabrina whom I love very much. District Elder Sorrells received the Holy Spirit into his heart over 25 years ago, drawn by the call of his Lord.

District Elder Sorrells' focus is to bring lost souls to Christ, by preaching Christ’s gospel into the heart of the seeker, who’s been deceived by the voice of Satan in these last days. His evangelistic purpose is to preach a comprehensible gospel to the hearer, which they can apply wholly to their life.
District Elder Sorrells has served as an associate minister at Christ Temple Apostolic Church for over 20 years, under the pastorship of Bishop Donald Sorrells D.D.

·Elected the Apostolic Assemblies of Christ National Youth President for the term of 2005-2008.
·Served on the AA of C National Youth Department planning committee from 1991 to 2000.
·Was acting AA of C National Youth Board of Director, in charge of Operation and Security between 1997 to 2001.
·Served as the Central District Council, Brotherhood Asst; Chairman, Brotherhood Chairman, Youth Asst; Chairman, and Youth Chairman between 1996 to 2000.
·Received a Master of Theology Diploma from the Christ Temple Bible Institute.
·The Author of the book “Knowledge of the Way.”
·Taught numerous classes and seminars of theological subjects at all levels.
·Currently is the Editor of local church’s TV broadcast “The Christ Temple Hour” (2001 to present).
·Served as a Deacon for 4 years at local church.
·Received a Doctor of Christian Education Degree from the University of International Apostolic of Grace and Truth.
·Ordained a District Elder on July 5, 2007 in Merriville, Indiana at the Apostolic Assemblies of Christ
·National Convention.
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